All Hail Ringo!

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I have always felt that Ringo Starr never gets the respect that he deserves as a musician.

Anyone else tired of defending Ringo to those who just don't get it? I know I am. You should see the surprised faces when I say that Ringo is my favourite drummer. It happens all the time.

I asked the best musicians in the world what they think of Ringo - and this is what they had to say!
I have collected quotes and stories from some of the world's best musicians. Many are unique to this site (marked by a ***), some are reprints from other websites. To the artists who have provided unique and original quotations: thank you! Your support for the cause is greatly appreciated.

I intend this project as nothing but a sign of respect. It is a not-for profit project and if it does create any profit the proceeds will be donated to Ringo Starr's charity of choice, The Lotus Foundation. I have a hope that once people know this site exists, the Ringo quotes will flood in. So, please feel free to share a quote.

Thanks again to everyone for your help in setting the record straight!

Thank you, Ringo! Many of us would not be the musicians we are without you and your playing! I owe so much of the love and joy I have playing to you.

This site will act as record of the respect that musicians have for Ringo.


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Peace and Love!
Topher Stott - Drummer/Producer
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