Colin Cripps

No musician has done more than Ringo to inspire kids the world over to start banging on the drums. 
 He will always be the greatest!

Colin Cripps
Guitarist, Producer
Blue Rodeo, Crash Vegas, Junkhouse

George Martin

Ringo has a tremendous feel for a song
and he always helped us hit the right tempo the first time.
He was rock solid.
This made the recording of all the Beatles songs so much easier.

George Martin
Famed Beatles Producer

Thomas Lang

I think the respect and controversy about Ringo is nicely summed up in this joke:

One morning, Steve Gadd receives a letter in the mail that says,
"To the best drummer in the world."

Steve looks at it, feels flattered, but thinks,
"Nah, I am not the best drummer in the world, I think this must be for
Vinnie Colaiuta."
So, Steve sends the letter on to Vinnie.

Vinnie receives the letter the next morning that is addressed
"To the best drummer in the world."
Vinnie looks at the letter, thinks for a moment, and says
"Nah, this isn't me"
and he sends it on to
Buddy Rich.

Buddy Rich gets the letter the next morning that says,
"To the best drummer in the world,"
and he says,
"Yep, that's me!"

He opens the envelope, unfolds the letter and starts reading:
"Dear Ringo"....

Thomas Lang
Paul Gilbert, StOrk

Vinx De'Jon Parrette

Ringo told us
that we, too, could be
rock stars
change the world

Vinx De'Jon Parrette
Solo artist

Yoko Ono

Ringo is the most underrated drummer in the industry!
His drumming is like life—it gives you the most solid beat.
When he drummed on my Yoko Ono Plastic Ono Band album,
I was totally amazed that he had
no difficulty in following the very complex improvisational vocals I did—
again, no overdubs. I think his
incredible drumming
was what made so many great Beatles songs possible.
We thank you, Ringo!

Yoko Ono
Artist, singer-songwriter, and peace activist

Gary Craig


I have read so many attributes regarding Ringo Starr by the greatest talents of our time, including George Martin, Jim Keltner, Kenny Aronoff and all of the Beatles themselves.

Each one had a similar thread, the bottom line is that Ringo has true musical gifts and passion on his chosen instrument.

He wasn't a technical master but always played with control, great feel and excitement.
His drums sounded amazing, very musically tuned. 
His drum parts were very compositional without ever losing sight of the feel, rock & roll spirit and energy. A feel like that is universal.

A master!!

Gary Craig
Blackie And The Rodeo Kings, Anne Murray, Bruce Cockburn

Alex Van Halen

One of the most interesting things about Ringo is how he managed to maintain
a level of self-esteem – in addition to
being a great player,
of course. But he wasn't overshadowed as a human being by McCartney, Lennon or Harrison.

I think he did a wonderful thing for drums because
drummers would see him and think,
"Hey, he's part of it, too."

Alex Van Halen
Van Halen
orig. published Modern Drummer, July 1993

Billy Amendola

Ringo deserves respect
and, sadly, he still doesn't receive it from the drumming community.
It's about time to
set the record straight!

Billy Amendola

Don Was

As a drummer, he
influenced three generations of rock drummers.
It's not very flashy playing,
but it's very musical.
Instead of just counting the bars,
he's playing the song,
and he puts fills in unusual places
that are directed by the vocal.

Don Was
Producer, Bassist

Narada Michael Walden

Ringo taught me
charisma on the drums!
Smile on the drums
and play with your
heart on the drums.

Narada Michael Walden
Grammy Award winning producer
Mahavishnu Orchestra

Max Weinberg

More than any other drummer,
Ringo Starr changed my life.
The impact and memory of that band on Ed Sullivan Show in 1964 will never leave me.
I can still see Ringo in the back
moving that beat with his whole body,
his right hand swinging off his sock cymbal
while his left hand pounds the snare.

He was fantastic,
but I think what got to me the most was
his smile.
I knew he was having the time of his life.

Max Weinberg
Drummer, Bandleader

Paul Shaffer

Ringo swung those records and
made them all feel great.
That’s a talent you can’t buy.
Something about rock ‘n’ roll records, especially the early ones, they were right in between the shuffle feel and the straight 8th feel.
He was uncanny;
he could place it right in that slot.
Or if he was playing it one way he would overdub a shaker or maracas that would make it go the other way.
The Beatles were wise beyond their years.
It goes beyond a great fill or chops or anything like that.
But he was not without chops.
You have to have chops to be able to do all that
and to me that’s the function of drums,
to make you want to dance!

Paul Shaffer
Band Leader, Songwriter, Canadian

George Harrison

Ringo could be the best rock 'n' roll drummer –
or at least one of the best rock 'n' roll drummers....
He does fills which crack up people like Jim Keltner.
He's just amazed
because Ringo starts them in the wrong place and all of that,
but that is brilliance, that's pure feel.

George Harrison
The Beatles

Chris Cawthray

"Ringo is the sunlight that kills drum-machine vampires."

Chris Cawthray
Drummer, Composer, Band Leader

Jim Vallance

John Lennon was once asked if Ringo was the best drummer in the world, and he famously replied,
“He isn’t even the best drummer in the Beatles.”

Funny.  Sarcastic.  So typical of John.
The problem is,
John Lennon never said that
... it's a 1983 joke from British comedian Jasper Carrot.

The truth is
John had enormous respectfor Ringo's drumming.  

In the beginning the Beatles were John's band.  He asked Paul to join, he asked George to join, and he asked Ringo to join.
When the band broke up in 1970 John began work on a solo album.
As an ex-Beatle – the biggest band in history – John could have any drummer he wanted.
So who did he choose to play drums on his debut solo album?
Ringo Starr.
And who did George Harrison choose to play drums on his 1970 solo album?
Ringo Starr.

'Nuff said.

Jim Vallance
Musician, Songwriter, Producer

Steve Jordan

Now, the first time I ever saw anyone play who really
drove me insane was
I became a huge Beatles fan.

Steve Jordan
Band Leader, Producer, The Verbs

Jim Riley

On the early Beatles records, Ringo pretty much
defined what it is to be a rock drummer
with solid timekeeping and the
perfect fills
to keep the composition moving.

As the band grew, Ringo pushed the envelope and began finding
new ways to contribute to the songs
with inventive timekeeping that
changed the musical landscape forever.

Jim Riley
Drummer/musical director
Rascal Flatts

Jim McCarty

Ringo was a case!

We played with the Beatles a few times; once was in Paris at the Palais des Sports in Paris in 1965.
For convenience we used his drum kit and because of the early sound techniques the kit wasn`t miked up, so I had to hit pretty hard to get heard.

To my horror after a few songs I looked down, and I`d gone right through the snare drum!
Of course it was quickly repaired for the Beatles set and Ringo shook his fist at me as he went on!

Cheers to Ringo!!

Jim McCarty
Drummer, Songwriter, Band Leader

George Harrison

Ringo's got
the best back beat
I've ever heard
and he can play great
24-hours a day.

George Harrison
The Beatles

Topher Stott

RIngo is the truth of the instrument.
He is among the few that can make that claim.

He has changed the way the instrument is played
and has made the world a better place to play it in.

I reference Ringo musically every time I sit down at the drums.

Topher Stott
Drummer, Producer
Saints Of Cinema, The Outliers

Kenny Aronoff

I consider him one of the
greatest innovators of rock drumming
and believe that he has been one of the
greatest influences on rock drumming today.
Ringo has influenced drummers more than they will ever realize or admit.
Ringo laid down the
fundamental rock beat

that drummers are playing today and they probably don't even realize it.
Ringo always approached the song more like a songwriter than a drummer.
He always served the music.

Kenny Aronoff
Studio Great
John Fogerty, John Cougar Mellancamp
orig. published Modern Drummer, Oct. & Dec. 1987

Danny Kortchmar

When I saw Ringo on TV, it impressed me tremendously.
I’d never seen anyone play like that
sloshing the hi-hat and hitting 2 and 4 with matched grip.
To me, that was real rock ’n’ roll.
And I think a lot of us felt that way.
I got to play with Ringo several times.
I played on his album Ringo’s Rotogravure, and we did Harry Nilsson’s record Pussycats,
which had both Jim Keltner and Ringo on drums—and, at one point,
Jim, Ringo, and Keith Moon all together!

Danny Kortchmar
Solo artist, sideman, co-writer, and producer

All Webster

"Ringo's sound & feel touched all of us - Love is a four piece kit!"

Al Webster
Colin James, Amanda Marshall
*** Original Quote

Blair Packham

Ringo sometimes gets dissed for not being a technical drummer, which to me—a songwriter—is ridiculous, when anyone can hear how musical he is, how his drumming both serves and enhances the song, which is the whole point.

He wrote parts that drummers to this day, in all genres of music, copy and emulate.

Blair Packham
Songwriter, Producer
Solo Artist, The Jitters

Jim Keltner

I will always be there to support him.
He's more than a dear friend.
He's like an idol.
He's everything to me.
I still think of him musically
every time I sit down and play drums.

He's a very important guy to me.

Jim Keltner
Studio Great
Traveling Wilburys