Jim Vallance

John Lennon was once asked if Ringo was the best drummer in the world, and he famously replied,
“He isn’t even the best drummer in the Beatles.”

Funny.  Sarcastic.  So typical of John.
The problem is,
John Lennon never said that
... it's a 1983 joke from British comedian Jasper Carrot.

The truth is
John had enormous respectfor Ringo's drumming.  

In the beginning the Beatles were John's band.  He asked Paul to join, he asked George to join, and he asked Ringo to join.
When the band broke up in 1970 John began work on a solo album.
As an ex-Beatle – the biggest band in history – John could have any drummer he wanted.
So who did he choose to play drums on his debut solo album?
Ringo Starr.
And who did George Harrison choose to play drums on his 1970 solo album?
Ringo Starr.

'Nuff said.

Jim Vallance
Musician, Songwriter, Producer